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What the FamilyMode app is about
Set up Web browsing filters and history for the first time
Manage internet usagePut the internet on hold
Find a family member. Send gifts.
FamilyMode HomeBase lets you control devices you don't know about.

FamilyMode 3.2 will have new features like SOS family alerts, location check-ins, and the ability to sign up right in the app!
To use features, both the parent and child devices must be running FamilyMode 3.2.
The update won't come to all devices at the same time. If you can't get it right now, try again later.

What the FamilyMode app is about
FamilyMode lets parents find their child and get a better handle on how their child acts online.

To sign up and make profiles, one parent must be the main account holder for T-Mobile.
Changes to the app's settings (like pausing the internet or changing the filters) may take up to five minutes to take effect, but you can restart your device to make them happen right away.
If the battery on the child's device is low, the VPN might stop working, which would hurt performance.
Versions of software currently supported:
iOS version is at least 13.0
Version 9.0 or higher of Android

First time setup

Sign up for FamilyMode

Go to your T-Mobile account and sign in. You must be the main owner of the account.
Look over the terms, then click Sign Up > Continue.
Sign in on the device of the parent

Use your T-Mobile ID to sign in.
Make profiles for your loved ones.
You can add new members later by tapping the Plus icon on the home screen and then tapping Invite Family.

Enter the name of your family member and add a picture or choose an avatar.
Choose whether this profile is for an adult (Viewer) or a child.
Accept the Parental Notice and set the Filters, Time Limits, and Bedtimes for Child profiles.
Now, you can add a device to your profile by text, email, or QR code. You can also skip it and do it later.
Adding a device to the profile
You can add devices later by choosing their profile and then Devices > Add device.

FamilyMode is an app that you can download and open.

On the parent device, enter the invite code or scan the QR code.
Follow the steps on the screen to finish setting up, which may include:
Setting up a VPN
allowing an app to do things like use location services
Stop a child from deleting apps on an iOS or Android device

Set a code for the lock
Click the two-lined menu icon on the parent device, then go to Settings > Security (Lock PIN).
Turn the Lock PIN switch on (right).
Enter a four-digit code that you want to use, and then enter it again to make sure you have the right one.
If your phone has Apple Touch ID, the Lock Code management screen will show a new item. To use Touch ID to unlock your FamilyMode app, turn the switch ON.

Enter your 4-digit code
The Touch ID
If you lose or forget your Lock Code, you will need to delete the FamilyMode app from the Parent device and reinstall it. After the reinstall, you won't be able to use the Lock PIN. You should be able to use your T-Mobile ID to log in to the account and set up the Lock PIN if you want to. If not, you can leave it off.

Filters for the web & browsing history
Set filters
Choose a profile and click Filter to set the starting level of the filter. You can later block or let some sites and apps through.

High: Gives access to things that are safe for kids, like the Education category.
Medium: Gives access to most platforms and categories for general use, but filters out content for adults.
Low: Gives you access to almost all platforms, categories, and apps, but by default, explicit content is blocked.
None: No filtering.
To see a child's usage history, the filter level must be set to either High, Medium, or Low. Changes to the content filter, like turning it on or off, can take up to 5 minutes to show up on a child's device.

After choosing a Filter level, you can also set up popular apps, websites, and categories on their own:

Unmanaged: Use does not show up on the history screen of the profile.
Not Allowed: The door is shut
Access is allowed: It is not blocked.
View and manage the past
Choose a profile and click on "Usage" to see how much time was spent on each app or category and how much time was spent on all apps.
On the Filtered tab, choose a page and click Set as Allowed to let access in the future.
Choose a page from the "Visited" tab and then click "Set as Not Allowed" to stop access to that page in the future.
View and control your own filters
To see and manage custom filters, choose a profile and then go to Filter > Custom Filter.

To add a new page, click "Add Website" and type in the URL (web address).
Pick a site from the list to choose whether it's allowed or not.
Click Edit at the top of the page to choose the sites you want to delete, then click Done.

Manage internet usage
Set a Bedtime
Turn off the Internet when it's time for them to go to bed so they won't be distracted by their device.

Pick a profile, then choose Bedtime > Set Now.
Choose the switch to turn on or off the bedtimes for weeknights or weekends.
Enter the times you want to go to bed and wake up, then tap Save.
Set an Off Time Off Time makes it easy to schedule times during the week when kids can't use the Internet so they can play, do their homework, or just spend time with their families.

Pick a profile and then choose Off Time > Set Now.
Enter a name for the off time and choose which days and hours it applies to.
Pick Save.
Setting Time Limits
Time Limits is a powerful feature that lets you control how much time your family members spend online. You can choose to limit by day, platform, or type of website.

Choose a profile, then go to Time Limits > Set Now.
Choose the tab for Weekdays or Weekend.
Choose how long this device can connect to the internet for in total.
You can also choose certain apps and websites to block on their own.
When you're done, click Save.

Put the internet on hold
FamilyMode lets you put the network as a whole, individual family members, or even individual devices on hold. Installing the FamilyMode base station on your wireless network lets you pause the whole network or just one device connected to Wi-Fi.

On a child's device, pausing the internet may take up to 5 minutes before it takes effect. Apps that don't need the internet, like games, won't be affected when the internet goes down.

Putting everyone on hold
Select "Pause Internet" from the Plus button on the Home Screen.
When asked, confirm that you want to stop having access to the internet.
Tap the Resume button at the top of the home screen to get going again.
stop a member of the
Pick a profile and press the Pause button.
When asked, confirm that you want to stop having access to the internet.
To bring the family member back to life, choose Pause again.
Pause a single device
Pick a profile, then click Devices.
Choose the device you want to stop, and then click Pause.
When asked, confirm that you want to stop having access to the internet.
To unpause, choose Pause again.

Placement and Safe Zones
For all services to work, all devices must be running FamilyMode 3.2 or later.

Let people share where they are
First, you have to give the FamilyMode app permission to see where the device is.

iOS Android
Then, you have to tell the FamilyMode app to share the location.

Parent profile: To share location, each family member must go to FamilyMode on their own device and edit their profile.
Child profile: On the parent device, choose a profile and tap the gear in the top right corner of the screen to turn on location sharing for that profile.
See the place and its history
On the Family Hub, click on the Map tab to find out where everyone is.
You can move around the map with your finger and pinch to zoom in.
Choose a profile to see more information, such as a timeline of what they've done.
Choose Family Activity from the Menu icon with two lines to see the history of the whole family.
Set up a safe place
With Safety Areas, you can find out when a child enters or leaves a certain area. Push notifications must be turned on on the parent device.

Choose the icon with two lines, which looks like a menu, and then tap Location Alerts.
Choose Create Safety Area and type in a name and address.
Choose the ring, drag it to make it bigger or smaller, and then click Save.
You can also make Safety Areas by clicking on the icon of a family member on the Family Map and clicking Save.

Check in or send out an SOS message
A child can check in to tell you where they are or send a message to family if they need help.

Look in.

Tap Check In > Share With Family in the FamilyMode app.
Your family is told where you are when you check in.
Family SOS Alert

Tap SOS Family Alert in the FamilyMode app.
To send the alert, press and hold Send Now for 5 seconds.
The alert is sent to people in the family.
Make a lost device ring.

You can make the device ring as long as it isn't on vibrate or silent.

Open the FamilyMode app on a device with a Parental account and choose a family member.
Choose "Devices" and then choose the one you want to ring.
Pick Ring. It will go off for two minutes.
To stop the device from ringing, press "Dismiss" on it.
Send rewards
Rewards are an easy way to send extra online time. They expire at midnight, so whatever time you added goes back to normal the next day. During the day, you can send as many Rewards as you want.

Tap a Profile from the home screen, then tap the star in the top right corner or choose Rewards from the list of features.
Choose what kind of Reward you want to send:
Change a Time Limit Today Turn Off a Time Limit Today
Late Bedtime Tonight
Set the Reward based on the settings that are already in place, and then press Send to finish.

FamilyMode HomeBase lets you control devices you don't know about.
Because Android 10+ and iOS devices use MAC Randomization by default, the FamilyMode HomeBase device can't manage them by default.
. you have trouble connecting desktop or laptop devices to the internet after installing a Home Base, change the device status in the Home Base profile from "Unmanaged" to "Home."

Not the same as DIGITS. Qual'g T-Mobile plan, App install on all devices, & iOS/Android device req'd. Filters might not block all of the content you find offensive, and they might not block all HTTPS traffic. HomeBase: Compatible WI-FI router req'd. In some places, you might not be able to get coverage. The location information given is only an approximation, and it may not always be available. See T-Privacy's Policy and Terms and Conditions (which include an arbitration clause) for more information. T-Mobile USA, Inc. has a trademark on the word "FamilyMode."

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